Critical Mass Systems QXK Rack – HiFi+ ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR

Last year, Critical Mass Systems so impressed us with its CenterStage2 ‘pods’ that we couldn’t help but give them an award. This year, as we are beginning to discover, that wasn’t just the product of blind luck, but the result of a consistent and wide-ranging approach to countering vibrational effects and their negative influence on audio equipment. The QXK rack system doesn’t take things to the next level (pun intended), it simply provides an elegant and no-nonsense solution to vibration control that is all contained inside one rack system.

QXK takes the awesome (and awesomely heavy) Olympus V-12 and Maxxum equipment racks from Critical Mass Systems, to produce a support system that retains many of the important properties those top stands possess, but without the same physicality. In other words, QXK forms the backbone of your system, without damaging the backbone of the installer! It’s a modular rack, each shelf designed to hold one of three different ‘filter system’ platforms. Constructed from proprietary internal vibration materials, these Dual Zone Damping System filters manage vibration so that the signal processed by the electronics and analogue devices make the sound seem more organic and lifelike. The filters and rack architecture operate together to mitigate vibration in the floor, the rack, the shelf, and the component at the same time. The filter system works with all components without any adjustment, and only require the placing of supplied discs under the feet of the component to help protect the surface of the filter and improve energy transfer between the component and the rack system.

Where most support systems try (and often fail) to isolate the components from their surroundings, Critical Mass Systems’ QXK effectively filters vibration both in the component and the rack itself. The results make music effortless!


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